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GRE Official Guide 2018 free pdf  download

The official GRE guide for the year 2018 can be found in the official ETC website and is available for free pdf download. This guide contains complete and up to date information for the GRE 2018 official guide examination, from the eligibility, the list of colleges, the courses, registration details, paper styles and much more. GRE Official Guide… Read More »

GRE 2018 important details

GRE 2018 is not like traditional tests where a examination date is fixed and all of the students have to give the examination at the same time. This examination is of basically two main types:  computer based and paper based. But, for candidates who are appearing for the exam, the paper based GRE Important details option… Read More »

Kaplan GRE Word list full pdf download

Kaplan is one of the best GRE preparatory book in the market, the book deals with all the sections that come in GRE, which would be the most detailed and updated works in the market. So, it is obvious that the english section of the books, have detailed Kaplan GRE word list for the students to… Read More »

Most Important GRE word game (100,500, 1000 words game)

While there is no magical list of Most Important GRE word game (100,500, 1000 words game)  that would help you gain the coveted eight hundred score. You might play the Most Important GRE word game (100,500, 1000 words game) that are made especially to improve the GRE scores. These games are of various difficulties and the number… Read More »

Kaplan GRE verbal work books free pdf download

Kaplan GRE Verbal work books is one of the best reference books for the preparation of the GRE examination, this is so because the study section is one of the most in depth and detailed sections of each of the sections. Kaplan GRE verbal work books The Kaplan verbal work books for GRE that would contained detailed word… Read More »

GRE top score| GRE Best score ever

The new GRE has been introduced since the year 2011, and the difficulty levels for the same has increased. The first Indian student to receive the best GRE score ever is Ashwini Nene. She got the perfect score of 340 out of 340. She proved to everyone that what was once considered impossible was achievable.… Read More »