How to crack GRE in 1, 2, 3 months| tips and tricks

By | June 23, 2017

How to crack GRE in 1, 2, 3 months| tips and tricks: On an average, a student would start preparing for the GRE examinations for about three months before the GRE examination date. It does not make sense to keep more than 3 months for studying for the exam as the students would not be able to retain for the chapters that they would have studied four to five months before the examination.

How to crack GRE in 1, 2, 3 months

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A larger period of study would lead to the student becoming a bit casual for the exam, so the perfect way to study for the exam is to concentrate and give your best efforts of 1,2,3 months. Here are a few tips and tricks that would help you crack these examinations.

A person who does not have time to allocate too many hours per day towards their studies should look for 3 months study schedules. For those who can take out dedicated time for their studies can allocate 2 months. But, a thing to keep in mind is that if you are not a native english language speaker, or you are not really very comfortable with english, you might want to start preparing at least the english subject six months in advance.

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The preparation should start with brushing up maths and verbal sessions, you can refer to Magoosh’s Verbal and Maths video lessons. The way to read through this is that you should see one video and find practice questions that relate to these video topics. That would help illustrate these questions and give you a better indepth understanding of the same.

  1. If you write and read blogs or articles regularly,not much of preparation is required for AWA. No need to go through the entire pool.
  2. Rather than focusing too much on SC and TE, practice as many RCs as possible. SC and TE questions in the exam will often be easy.
  3. Don’t stress on vocabulary too much. Go through barrons HF333 with utmost attention. But I would advice you to write down and memorize the new words that you encounter in the mock tests,because apart from the word lists, I did encounter a few words which I had already encountered in my mock tests. Ex- jaundice, intermittent, fractious etc.
  4. Use the one minute breaks to take deep breaths.
  5. The 10 minutes break is only for having Food and going to washroom. Don’t talk to anyone. Don’t try to refer any study material.
  6. Don’t study on the day before the exam. And have a proper 8 hours sleep and have a positive mindset.
  7. Make your GRE strategy

The GRE is computer based exam. Always make sure that before moving to next question, the previous question has to be attempted. An attempt would mean that you click any of the available options from the choice and confirms the same before moving to next question. Once a question is attempted, you can not revert to it. So be sure about the question you attempt.

How to Crack GRE [More Tips]

GRE exam is adaptive in nature. The first question you attempt in the GRE exam will be off average difficulty. Half the people attempting the GRE get it right, which is generally indicates that it is fairly simple.

If you click on the correct option, the next question on your screen will be bit more difficult. If you answer the first question of the exam wrong the next question will be easier. Once you attempt 7 to 10 questions, the computer fixes a difficulty level for you depending upon your answer in the previous questions. If you attempt more tough questions, your chances of getting high score will increase accordingly. The first question carries the maximum marks, followed closely by the second and then so on.

The first seven to ten questions are very important and decisive. Your section score in GRE will be decided by your performance in these questions. For example if you answer first eight questions correctly, your score will range between 700 to 800, which is maximum score.

Therefore, take time to crack the first 7-10 questions, even if you miss out on five questions at the end. A good performance in the initial questions will help you to score good in the exam and increase the chances to score of 800.

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