How to crack GRE RC passage – tips and tricks

By | June 22, 2017

How to crack GRE RC passage – tips and tricks: The Graduate Record Examination general test is made up of three sections, verbal and quantitative reasoning and analytical writing.

How to crack GRE RC passage

In the verbal reasoning test there is section about reading comprehension (RC). The candidates will be provided with two to four passages. GRE comprehensions are not like the standard comprehensions in normal language paper.

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The main objective should be to be able to answer the questions as soon as possible. To be able to do that you need read through the passage fast, but that does not imply speed reading. You have go through the material thoroughly enough to get the important points but fast enough not to dwell on unimportant details.

The comprehension may scientific or non scientific. The passages will always be politically correct hence do not waste your time trying to read between the lines or trying to correct grammatical mistakes.

Questions are of two types, either general or specific. For general questions you should be able to answer them without referring back to the reading passage. However, for the specific type of questions you need to re-read the passage in between writing the answers as the response has to be very specific and cannot be guessed or interpreted as per readers’ understanding.

We suggest you to work hard to get good score in GRE exam. You will have to follow some basic tips and ticks to Crack GRE RC passage. Links to these tips are given below.

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