GRE cut off score for US universities

By | June 23, 2017

GRE cut off score for US universities: Ideally, if the person wants to get a admitted into a good college, a score of 160 in qualitative reasoning and that of 150 in verbal is what you should aim for.

GRE cut off score for US universities

If you want a more detailed GRE cut off score for US universities are:

GRE cut off score for US universities, GRE cut off score, University of Texas dallas GRE cut off score, US University GRE cut off scores, GRE cut off US university computer scienceIf you are aiming for top 50 colleges, your quant score should be between 159 to 166 and your verbal should be between 154 and 160. If you are aiming for colleges between 51 to 100, your qualitative score should be between 156 and 160, and for verbal you should be between 149 and 152. While the colleges that are top 101 to 150 rank admitted the students scored between 155 to 159 marks while for verbal the scores would be between 150 to 153 marks.

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While preparing for the GRE, the applicant should keep these scores in mind and try to aim the highest possible score that they can get. As this is a worldwide test, the competition is very stiff and so even though you might have scored well, you might not get selected. The best way to ensure your selection is to acquaint yourself with the admission process of the universities that you wish to apply and prepare accordingly.

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