GRE 2018 eligibility criteria, age eligibility

By | June 24, 2017

GRE 2018 eligibility criteria: GRE 2018 is an international examination and a lot of universities consider the GRE scores in order to admit students for their courses. Since there is no limit to the number of courses that the student can apply to based on their GRE scores, there is no set age or any eligibility criterias.

GRE 2018 eligibility criteria

GRE eligibility criteria, GRE age eligibility, GRE age limit, GRE age relaxation, GRE educational qualification, GRE age restrictionsBut, each institute has their own set of GRE 2018 eligibility criteria, age eligibility based on the course that they conduct. For a management course they might ask for a few years experience while for an undergraduate course, they might just ask for the student to have completed basic high school studies.

But, due to its wide scope and a range of diverse applicants appear for the GRE which is why a lot of institutes now prefer GRE scores instead of traditional scores. Now a days institutes look for people with diverse range of skill sets instead of some specific skill sets, as a diverse and more versatile people are more suited for a great career and that would put the institute in a good light.

So, before deciding to appear for GRE, the candidate would need to see what are the GRE 2018 eligibility criteria, age eligibility for the course and the universities that they want to apply to and then decide to appear for the GMAT.

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3 thoughts on “GRE 2018 eligibility criteria, age eligibility

  1. veena

    I am I eligible to apply for MS in USA with following scores.
    Gre:- 283
    Ielts:- 5.5

  2. Srinivas bharadwaj

    Whether cgpa taken in to consideration irrespective of GRE score


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