GRE 2018 paper format/ score format

By | July 9, 2017

The GRE has two major GRE paper formats, computer based and the paper based. But, for Indian candidates, only computer based examination is available.

GRE 2018 paper format

GRE paper pattern, GRE 2016 paper format, GRE paper format, GRE score format, GRE paper pattern, GRE score format download, GRE paper format/ score format freeThe GRE score format is divided into six different parts. The first two parts is for sixty minutes that deals with analysing an issue and analysing an Argument.  The third part consists of forty questions for verbal reasoning, the fourth part has forty questions for quant reasoning and the last two sections have unscored and research questions.

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The total test timing is for three hours and forty five minutes, also, keep in mind that the unscored section will not be mentioned, but the questions will come in different order of Analytical writing questions. GRE Paper Pattern These questions are there just for the official use, as the test takers are trying to see which questions to add in future tests.

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