GRE top score| GRE Best score ever

By | July 5, 2017

The new GRE has been introduced since the year 2011, and the difficulty levels for the same has increased. The first Indian student to receive the best GRE score ever is Ashwini Nene. She got the perfect score of 340 out of 340. She proved to everyone that what was once considered impossible was achievable. Nene got the best surprise of her life when she received her results in March.

GRE Best score ever

GRE top score, GRE top score, GRE top score free, GRE top scorer name, GRE Best score, GRE best Score ever, best score for GRE, top score for GREShe took the computer aided test as in India, that is the only test taking option available. She received GRE top score download for both the verbal and quantitative reasoning as soon as she completed these sections.

Nene is a twenty year old engineer who had specialized in computer science  was excited and could not believe her good luck! She received the final result from ETS a few days post the examination that confirmed her score.

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