Most Important GRE word game (100,500, 1000 words game)

By | July 6, 2017

While there is no magical list of Most Important GRE word game (100,500, 1000 words game)  that would help you gain the coveted eight hundred score. You might play the Most Important GRE word game (100,500, 1000 words game) that are made especially to improve the GRE scores. These games are of various difficulties and the number of words like the Most Important GRE word game (100,500, 1000 words game), the aspirant can play these games and increase their vocabulary. But, the basic vocabulary would have to be built over the years, and a person who has read books, and increased their vocabulary over the years will get the obvious advantage over the others.

Most Important GRE word games, Most Important GRE word pdf, Most Important GRE word list, 500 most important GRE words, 300 most important GRE words, 2000 most important GRE words, most important GRE vocab wordsSome of the most common words that appear in the examination are: Extant, Ephemeral, Capricious, Corroborate, Loquacious, Esoteric, Erudite, Pragmatic, Ambivalent, Soporific, Prolific, Auspicious, Sanguine, Enervate, Magnanimous, Mercurial, Belligerent, Fastidious, Reticent, Inculpate and many more.

Figure out the meaning of these words, these are very likely to come in the exam. You could also subscribe to, as they have a “word of the day” feature which would help you build your vocabulary one word a day. When you check the meaning of a particular word, be sure to check that word in the thesaurus also, which would help you understand and learn other words that mean the same thing.

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